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I love using this for freezing frozen treats for my son rather than the store purchased stuff that’s full of everything else besides real fruit.

Just Honest Opinions - 5 stars

High quality item - easy to clean up & flexible (very easy to pop frozen food out of).

A. Levy

Product Features

  • CHILD SAFETY IS IMPORTANT - Lime green silicone molds are non-toxic BPA & phthalate free so organic food stays fresh & healthy
  • LOVE THE SIMPLE LIFE - Mash or blend a large batch of garden greens, veggies, fruits & sprouts at home and store for meals under the protective cover - convenient lid protects food from freezer burn and good for stacking trays and saving space
  • EASY TO USE - Stack in freezer, simply pinch the bottom of each container to release food from mold (no more twisting or banging on the counter) - Convenient to wash & dishwasher safe
  • PORTION CONTROL - Supplies 10 x 1oz servings perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • GREAT AS BABY GIFT - Non-stick reusable tray great as popsicle tray too

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